4 Things You Should Know About Roses Delivery for Special Occasion

Roses are one type of flower that symbolizes the heart or feelings of someone. Not only beautiful and beautiful shapes, every color of the roses has a philosophical meaning contained in it.

Give flowers to the loved ones is very romantic way that will make their heart feel flattered and flowery. However, we should not be wrong to give roses to the loved ones, because every color of the rose has different meanings.

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Roses Delivery with the wrong color, can make our loved ones misunderstand it. If that happens, then our mission, which should be a glorious success, will fall apart. So, to avoid it, you should know these four things related about sending roses for your beloved ones.

First, Blue Roses Delivery

Blue roses are really only artificial rose flowers, because in this world is actually a blue rose does not really exist. If we have long been a secret admirer of someone, sending a blue rose to her can be a marker for her that during this time there are people who are very concerned about her. Blue roses are symbols of impossibility and mystery. So by sending a blue rose as if to express how we feel to her is a very mysterious and deep. Even if the relationship we dream with her is very unlikely, we will still love her wholeheartedly. Blue roses can also state that we are always waiting for an expectation of miracles.

Second, Red Roses Delivery

The red color of roses has the meaning of love and how romantic we are to the people we care about. The color red is the depiction of a love that is closest to the heart. Red color can also be interpreted as the color of seduction and a strong desire to keep the spouse if we send it to our wives. In addition red roses are also roses are often planted to decorate home gardens, meaning that homeowners want to be together with their partner until the end of his life.

Third, Rainbow Roses Delivery

If the blue and red colors are still less revealing what is in our hearts, doing roses delivery with various colors can be an option. In one bouquet we send, we can ask the florist to weave roses in various colors, call it a bouquet of rainbow roses.

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Before choosing the colors that we will use in the bouquet of rainbow roses, we need to know first the meaning contained in each type of roses so that the message we want to convey is clearly caught.

Orange Roses – According to legend, this flower color appears because this flower is the most absorbing sunlight. Because it absorbs too much sun, then the color of the rose becomes orange. Orange rose can be interpreted as a symbol of happiness and joy. That means orange rose will provide a sense of warmth of love for someone who receives it. In addition orange roses are also often symbolized as a sense of sportsmanship and adventure. This Flower is suitable to give to your friends or the loved ones who have accompanied you in happiness and sorrows.

Pink Roses – This flower has a meaning that shows attitude of sensitivity and innocence (purity of heart). This flower is very synonymous with romance to surprise the couple. Pink rose is perfect to be sent for someone we just know but has attracted our heart deeply.

White Rose – This flower is very synonymous with the purity and sanctity of the heart in love. Usually this flower is often used to express the sincerity of love to the couple. Not only that, white roses are also often used to propose a woman. According to some sources, if you are really serious with your spouse, give the white roses. This flower seems to state that “I will take care of you forever.”

Peach Rose – The rose with this color is often interpreted as a symbol to express feelings of friendship. This peach roses depict the warmth of friendship bonds will feel more beautiful. We can send this rose in response to someone’s love statement if we just want our relationship with him to be nothing more than a friend.

Fourth, Roses for Valentine’s Day Delivery

When the valentine arrives, the rose is of course the best option. A red or white rose is the most appropriate color for this special moment. In addition to the right colors, make sure we send a bouquet of roses in the right amount. Do you know that the amount of the roses we send has a different meaning?

1 rosette has the meaning that “the love I have is only for you”.

6 roses will carry the message that “you are mine”.

11 roses seem to say “you’re the one I love the most in my life”.

13 roses give clue that “I am your secret admirer”.

50 roses have meaning that “the love I feel is something I will never regret”.

99 roses stating that “how much my love will last forever”.

100 roses carry a prayer that “I hope we are to be a loving couple until the close of our age”.

After knowing the meaning in each color and the number of roses that we send, so how will be the roses delivery that we choose?


3 Reasons Why Should We Send Blue Roses to Our Beloved Ones

The rose is always a favorite choice for most people when they want to give a bouquet of flowers to their loved ones. Among the many colors of roses, blue roses are now more and more demand. Actually is there a meaning behind a blue rose?

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Sending flowers should not be arbitrary, especially when we send the flowers across the country. We should find out first the type of flowers that are suitable to represent the purpose we send them, whether it is to express love to a person, or to give congratulations on someone’s achievement, or as an expression of sorrow for the sad event in someone’s life.

Different types of flowers and colors will give a different impression. So if we do not know much about it, make sure we look for a florist that can help us to choose the right flowers.

The first reason why blue roses are the best option to be sent for our beloved ones is because the roses have unique and beautiful color. However, don’t you know that the blue rose is the rarest flowers in the market? Because it is rare, the price is quite expensive. Some types of the roses are hydrangea blue and blue irises. The effects of serenity emitted are beautiful and wonderful.

Blue roses are not really there. The blue color on the rose is produced from the process of cross-breeding roses to produce blue. The roses were originally just a white rose dipped in blue fluid to produce a blue flower.

As is known, there is no natural blue pigment in roses when reproduced from real blue rose by means of traditional breeding methods. In fact, the fact of a blue rose is not something new. The roses with blue color are created manually with staining on white roses. There are also imitation roses produced by traditionally mixing offspring or genetic engineering. This method is done by grafting the blue pigment from another flower. But from this way, the researchers say that the color is more magenta than blue.

The second reason why we should send blue roses bouquets is because the meaning of the flowers is to build trust, commitment and relationship communication in the long run. Blue color also means peace and sympathy to the couple.

Blue rose has its own mystery because as mentioned before, they should not exist! The fact that their appearance is against nature makes them more mysterious. This mysterious quality is emphasized by the fact that this rose should not exist. Its existence and scarcity can further strengthen the feelings we want to convey.

The third reason is because blue rose is a symbol of impossibility. So many roses are grown in nature but none of the blue rose grows naturally in nature. The beautiful and mysterious of blue rose makes some people search for the flower population. This is far from reality, because naturally, roses do not have a genetic variant of blue. Therefore, the blue rose represents something impossible to accomplish, something unattainable that will only remain a dream that can never be realized. When falling in love, the roses in blue can bring a hope for an unlikely or unrequited falling in love. That way, it can also signal someone waiting for a miracle.

The blue rose also signifies a fresh start. The unimaginable joy of the beginning of a new venture is often expressed by a blue rose. In other words, the roses can also represent hopes and beliefs to tread carefully in unknown new situations.

Once we know all the meanings and facts in a blue rose, it’s time for us to make a choice. Is it true that blue roses are the right flowers to represent our feelings? If the answer is yes, then get ready to send a bouquet of blue rose to your beloved ones!  Contact FlowerAdvisor USA if you need more information about blue roses.  We provide same day blue roses delivery service.