Special Fruit Basket Ideas for Your Lecturer

A fruit basket can be a special gift for any moment in your life. It can be sent when you cannot visit your sick friends and as a part to celebrate a happy moment. However, can you give it to your lecturer?It is mainly for a lecturer who becomes your supervisor in completing the thesis. At the end of everything, you may need to send him a gift. There are so many ideas that you can have. One of the best is for sure, a basket of fruits.

This gift is looked so attractive. Besides that, the fruit is a kind of superfood loved by a lot of people. It is also nutritious. Below are some fruit basket ideas that you can give to your lecturer. You better check this out to get the best one.

Floralicious Basket

Beautiful Kalanchoe and Bountiful Fruit Basket
Beautiful Kalanchoe and Bountiful Fruit Basket


This gift is so unique. As it is named, it will arrange various fruits together in a basket. Examples are some fruits like bananas, kiwis, oranges, and apples – your lecturer will love these delicious fruits, and it is healthy.

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Why is December So Special?



What month are you thinking every time you hear someone mention holidays? Of course, it is December! December is the month people are always waiting for every single year. It is not only about Christmas, but there are also other special events that people celebrate during this month of the year.

Here are some of the reasons December is so special.

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Ultimate Christmas Gifts

As we all know, during Christmas, you would gather with your family to have a small party at home. Families will hold a nice family dinner to celebrate togetherness during this Christmas season. However, you can also gather with your friends during this celebration. Most of the time, we prepare gifts that we would exchange with our family members or even our friends. But have you ever felt like you have no idea what to buy as gifts for your family and friends? Below are great ideas for Christmas gifts that you can buy:

1. Spirit Drinks

Spirits Drink
Spirits Drink


Christmas usually falls during the winter season, and it may get freezing at times. You might want to stay at home during this time. It is why spirits are one of the best gifts you can get for someone on Christmas. Drinking alcohol, be it rum or wine, will help warm up your body during this cold season. So families can have a little drink at home when they feel like staying at home.

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What is Christmas?


Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree


Non-Christians will be asking, ‘What is Christmas?’. Christmas is a festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, according to Christian. This festival is held annually on December 25. During A.D. 273, the date December 25 is the day pagans celebrate the birth of the sun. That fact makes some Christians feel skeptical about the date December 25; the pagans may influence that. However, during A.D. 320, a theologian made a statement regarding this by saying that they hold that day holy because of Him who made it.

Meaning Behind Traditions

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